Portier is an email-based, passwordless authentication service
that you can (but don't have to) host yourself.

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Portier (pronounced "Por-tee-ay") is a self-hostable login service that you can use instead of passwords. Portier sits between your website and third-party services like Google Sign-In to provide your users the fastest and easiest login experience, without ever needing a new password.

Best of all, Portier works for everyone, because it can fall back to traditional "click the link" methods of email confirmation.

Portier is inspired by many projects and considers itself a spiritual successor to Mozilla Persona.


Done Developing Afterwards Never (Why?)
Support for all email addresses Self-hosted providers OpenID certification Profile metadata
Google Sign-In for Gmail users Facebook integration
API based on OpenID Connect Multi-domain SSO
Dynamic provider discovery Identity aggregation
Native browser support


Project planning and documentation live in this site's repository. A reference implementation is being developed in the portier-broker repository.

Portier welcomes all contributors, and expects everyone involved in the project to conduct themselves professionally.

Please report security critical bugs directly to members of Portier's Governance board.